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Event for schools in Beirut (05/12/2013)

The 5th of December, CCIA Beirut has organized a MedDiet Day under the auspices of the Lebanese Minister of Education. The event took place at Khaled Bin Al Walid-Horj School in Beirut with the participation of 180 students and 12 teachers from 6 different schools as follows: Abou Bashr EL Seedek; Khalil Chehab; Khaled bin Waleed High School; Omar Bin El Khatab; Khadeeja El Kobra; Ali Bin Abi Taleb.
After a briefing about the benefits of Mediterranean Diet, 3 educational and interactive activities was implemented by each school. They have been extracted from the book of MedDiet guidelines and didactical support and customized to fit the needs of the students:

  • “With the 5 senses” where children used their senses (sight, taste touch and smell) in order to learn more about products (in particular fruits, vegetables and spices) that they usually eat;
  • “Enjoy A Mediterranean breakfast” aimed at educating children about how to select the right products and prepare an healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet breakfast;

  • “Balancing the tray” where students have been asked to suggest different dishes and place the items of the dish accordingly in the plate making sure it is balanced, healthy, and delicious.

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