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International Capitalisation Event in Beirut 22-23 April Beirut, Lebanon

A MedDiet Mashrek International Capitalisation Event was successfully organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon and the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry last April 21 in Beirut. 
The MedDiet Mashrek International Capitalisation Event could count on important institutional representatives, the Ministry of Tourism of Lebanon, the EU Delegation in Lebanon, the President of the CCIABML and ASCAME, UNIONCAMERE and representatives from Slow Food Association, Med Diet Foundation, Slow Med project, Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon, MUCEM, and other participants from the different countries of the Mahsrek Region. 
In framework of this program, the president of ASCAME highlighted “With the proliferation of fast food, combined with chronic diseases, it is shown that the needs to change and move towards a healthier diet. MedDiet project was born out of this purpose”. 

The President mentioned that the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean will work in partnership with public and private sectors from the 9 Med Countries, to develop a food safety training center and to create international standards requirements for food safety in order to improve the international safety norms, thanks to MedDiet project, which is supported by the ASCAME network. He added that firstly the MedDiet program aims to raise awareness among stakeholders such as schools and municipalities to achieve different objectives: to revive the heritage and original Mediterranean traditions and to create large open areas for the development of agriculture and industry sectors, in order to reactivate economic cycles in remote regions and to achieve a better balanced development. 

During the event, the “Med Quality Label” on the Mediterranean Diet was granted to restaurants in order to distinguish those who give priority to this kind of food.

Publish date 13/05/2015 00:00
Last updated 20/11/2015 11:28