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MedDiet International Capitalization Meeting - AIC Forum 2014

The  Workgroup on Agriculture within the 2014 AIC Forum Annual Edition (held in Corfù from the last 10th to 12th of June) has been characterized by a specific in-depth analysis about one of potentially main issues of the forthcoming Adriatic Ionian Macroregion: the Mediterranean Diet.

Thanks to the MedDiet Project, funded by ENPI CBC MED Programme, and to numerous participations of the Project Partnership bodies, the Mediterranean Diet experts, called for this occasion from the Adriatic and Ionian Countries, (in particular there were participants from Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Erzegovina, Montenegro and  Albania), the Mediterranean diet topic was deeply discussed.

The aim was the comparison among the participants about the Mediterranean Diet by examining in depth of some instruments for raising of awareness on the Mediterranean diet promoted by the MedDiet Project (MedDiet Guidelines for School, MedDiet guidelines for Local Authorities, Mediterranean Diet Quality Label for restaurants owners) and on the other hand by highlighting of peculiarities of each Macroregion Country, even considering their best practices and their master actions on this topic.

Many issues emerged from the speeches, strongly linked to quality, to healthiness and to European and international laws compliance of agricultural and food products, as indispensable requirements not only for consumers’ health and wealth, but also as their indispensable requisite for a stronger competitiveness on international market.

Moreover, during the Workgroup, an important commitment document, the “MedDiet Declaration” has been signed by the Presidents of the AIC Forum AIC Forum 2014 - MEDDIET International Capitalization Meeting

Chambers of Commerce from the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion present in Corfu, together with some Project Partners, as for example the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree”, but also with other Organizations as the Croatian Medical Association and Vitaminoteka Nutrition Consulting (Croatia).

This document, that can be signed also later during the MedDiet Project residual time, represented a first and important moment of shared and concrete commitment to act together in the future about this topic, important for all of us but mostly for future generations.

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