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Mediterranean Diet Info-Points: everything is ready for the training course

From 3rd to 5th of March will held in Alexandria (Egypt) a training course for 22 employee of 9 different countries who are committed to start up and manage 22 "Mediterranean Diet Info-Point" at their institutions.

People from Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, Italy Spain but also from Algeria, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco will participate to an intensive course of 2 days and an half (see the agenda attached)  that will make them able to spread and stimulate the effective use of the Mediterranean Diet Knowledge System and MedDiet Quality Trademark for Restaurants.
The list of contact details of the info points will be available as soon as possible.
Stay tuned on the MedDiet website!
Publish date 01/03/2015 12:44
Last updated 31/03/2015 15:56