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CEEBA and ASCAME organized a training course to increase the awareness of the Mediterranean Diet

Training course of MedDiet project to enhance the traditional Foodstuff in the Mediterranean

More than 21 organizations from different countries participated in the training to increase the awareness of the Mediterranean Diet in Alexandria



MedDiet training Course, Alexandria

The past 3rd, 4th and 5th of March, the MedDiet Info Point training was held in Alexandria, Egypt. This Info Point Training Course was organized and managed by CEEBA and ASCAME, in the framework of the European Project MedDiet from the ENPI CBC Programme.

The objective of the training was to create and train a network of info-points in the Mediterranean Basin in order to increase the awareness of consumers and businesses and of SMEs (in particular restaurants) about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet (MD) by involving and reinforcing the capacity of local authorities, schools,  Chambers of Commerce/ business organizations, Universities and policy making institutions to implement effective and sustainable initiatives for safeguarding MD in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.

The specific objective of the creation of Info Points  are to spread and stimulate the effective use  of the Mediterranean Diet Knowledge System and MED DIET Quality Label for Restaurants through the support of officers from Chambers of Commerce, business support organizations and nutritional education centers of the different partner countries of the project trained in this field.

The conclusions of the training course showed the importance to involve the local authorities in order to support the MedDiet Info Points, as the official vehicle of promotion for the Mediterranean Diet in their countries. Moreover, the participants emphasized the need of a continuation of the project, in order to implement this initiative as a key issue for all the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and Europe.

A total of 21 organizations from different countries such as Spain, Greece, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt participated to the training held in Alexandria. Their commitment with the MedDiet Info Points will be decisive to increase the awareness of the Mediterranean Diet.

The training was implemented by experts Mrs. Anna Bach-Faig and Mr. Alessandro Piras, already involved in the project by the different associated partners of the project.

The project is implemented by a Euro Mediterranean Consortium composed by the Special Agency Centre of  Services for Enterprises (Italy), Olive Oil Towns Association (Italy), the Mediterranean Diet Foundation (Spain), CEEBA – Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (Egypt), Chamber of Commerce of Tunis (Tunisia), the Routes of Olive Tree (Greece), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Messinia (Greece), the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Chambers (Italy), AEMO- Spanish Association of Olives Cities (Spain),  ASCAME –the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Spain), the National Agriculture Research Institute of Tunisia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut and Mount –Lebanon (Lebanon) and UNIONCAMERE (Italy) as lead partner.

To capitalize on the results of the project on the 21st of April will be held the International Capitalisation Event in Beirut (Lebanon). This event will be an opportunity to show the great work which has been carried out, and to demonstrate how respecting the traditions of the Mediterranean Diet can be a lever for economic development of the region, and a unique selling proposition for SMEs of the agri-food sector.

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