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Scientific Focus On The Mediterranean Diet 12 June Ancona, Italy

The project continues to enjoy great success, not only in the Marche Region, where the local Ancona Chamber of Commerce has set up an official MedDiet Infopoint, but also in other territories through the efforts of the Chambers of Commerce belonging to the AIC Forum. 
The joint efforts of the AIC Forum and the Ancona Chamber of Commerce (the latter in its capacity as MedDiet Info point) was then further reinforced with the “Tipicità In Blu” initiative held over three days (29, 30, 31 May 2015) in Ancona. This was an event of great impact on the civil society with moments of in-depth discussion, displays, exhibitions, referring to the Blue Economy and to the Adriatic- Ionian Macroregion with considerable space dedicated to workshops on wellness and healthy living. 

In particular, Saturday 30 May saw the presentation seminar by the MedDiet Info Point of the Ancona Chamber of Commerce, in the widest context of the initiative promoted in conjunction with Biomedfood (a spin off of the Polytechnic University of the Marche region) entitled: “Basic principles for a healthy diet: Mediterranean Diet and fashion diets”. During the course of the morning especially, MedDiet gadgets were distributed (shoppers, caps, pencils, oven gloves and T-shirts) to pupils from junior and middle schools of the Marche Region, within the framework of the initiative “Rules for healthy eating, the importance of the food pyramid and product seasonality” which provided for teaching workshops especially for children. 

These workshops also made use of the teaching materials created in support of the MedDiet project, as well as the two MedDiet guidelines for local government and for schools being distributed to teachers and to local authorities. The informative material and an initial orientation will continue to be provided at the MedDiet Info Point located in the Economic Development Area of the Ancona Chamber of Commerce.

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