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Tool-kit of MedDiet

The tool-kit of the Mediterranean Diet Knowledge System is composed by:

- Guidelines for the alimentary education (targeted to schools)
- Guidelines for the organization of events for the promotion of Mediterranean Diet (targeted to local authorities)
- Communication and promotional instruments
- Didactical supports for schools

The guidelines aim to provide tools to the educators of the MedDiet Project, and to the teachers and technicians from schools and local authorities that coordinate and implement nutrition education activities in schools and municipal areas for promoting the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle and the cultural aspects around the act of selecting, preparing and eating food.

The project includes in its objectives strategies and educational activities that support the pedagogical practices of those responsible for planning and providing activities that enhance the development of knowledge, attitudes, and eating habits of the general population. Moreover, it intends to develop and validate the educational training program through a set of educational material on Mediterranean Diet education and the preservation of traditional food practices related to the Mediterranean Diet pattern.

The Guidelines and the supporting material (Didactical Support Materials for Schools and Communication and Promotional Instruments) are part of the set of materials designed by the project “MedDiet”. The Guidelines aim to strengthen the knowledge about Mediterranean Diet food available at schools and local authorities. In this line, the proposed activities are based on collaborative work for effective learning and motivation, seeking to reaffirm the links between the participating countries, and highlight and raise awareness of the specificities of each country in relation to food culture, as well as reaffirming and enhancing the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and available food from our sea and our land to reach the dish in a pleasant way. Tips, recommendations and slogans are provided for each activity to emphasize the positive messages related to Mediterranean Diet pattern adherence.

In the process of reviewing the Guidelines, specialists in food and nutrition, education, pedagogy, psychology, anthropology and governmental technicians have participated along with the specialists from the different partners in the participating countries of the project.
We hope that the conscious use of this support material promotes the construction of a Mediterranean lifestyle among society.

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