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The MedDiet project is articulated into different activities that are designed to achieve the beneficiaries of the project: consumers, schools, restaurants and institutions.

The first step to spread the principles of the Mediterranean Diet is to share a Mediterranean Knowledge System of the Mediterranean Diet, a common system of tools for the promotion and safeguarding of Mediterranean Diet. Common schemes and guidelines have been established and adopted by all partners to be applied to each national context of the project. The applied methodology allows to enhance the contribution of contents coming from all six countries and to build shared and effective methodologies and instruments  for safeguarding the originality of each country dietary pattern. 

To help consumers and enterprises to get the right information about the Mediterranean Knowledge System of Mediterranean Diet and the MedDiet Quality Label, 20 Mediterranean Diet Info-Points are established. Trained human resources are available on the territory to spread and stimulate the effective use of MedDiet tools.

MedDiet for schools 
The MedDiet Project aims to increase the awareness of pupils of primary and secondary schools about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet by reinforcing the capacity of educators, teachers and school directors to implement nutrition education activities in schools.

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MedDiet for restaurants
The MedDiet Project aims to promote the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet by reinforcing the capacity of chambers of commerce and business organizations to involve restaurants in proposing foodstuff coherent with an authentic MD. At this purpose, the MedDiet project has developed and validated a MedDiet Quality Label: a collective label to increase the visibility of the restaurants that support the MD.

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MedDiet for institutions
The MedDiet Project aims to improve the capacity of policy making institutions in designing policies and instruments for safeguarding the Mediterranean Diet. At this purpose, the “Mediterranean Diet tool-kit” allows staffs of local authorities to acquire knowledge and competences on how to implement initiatives promoting Mediterranean Diet in their territories.

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