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Mediterranean Knowledge System of Mediterranean Diet

In order to develop a common system of instruments and tools for the promotion and safeguarding of Mediterranean Diet addressed to education institutions and local authorities, a Technical Committee is established for defining the shared Mediterranean Knowledge System of MD. The System includes:

1. List of products and food of the MD
2. List of principles of the MD
3. Digital library of studies about health benefits of the MD
4. Tool-kit of MD for nutrition education activities

Technical Committee is composed by 6 members one per each country, and the participants have been chosen between persons with knowledge and experience on “med diet food” and food processing, on food nutritional characteristics and with educational expertise.

The Technical Committee is composed by:

Anna Bach-Faig (Spain)
Yasmine Kandil (Egypt)
Alexandra Koulochera (Greece)
Angello Lumelli (Italy)
Racha Adib (Lebanon)
Jalila El Ati (Tunisia)

A Scientific Committee (representative of all countries) is established to validate the applied methodologies and the final outputs.
The Scientific Committee is composed by:

Ramon Estruch (Spain)
Rania Salem (Egypt)
Ilias Vlachos (Greece)
Pier Luigi Petrillo (Italy)
Sawsan Jabri (Lebanon)
Mohamed Hsairi (Tunisia)

“Mediterranean Diet. The only diet that it’s not only a diet”


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