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Mediterranean Diet and Enhancement of Traditional Foodstuff – MedDiet

The purpose of the MedDiet project is to increase awareness of the Mediterranean Diet as an integral part of a lifestyle. The Mediterranean Diet is a highly recommended lifestyle for the whole society. Not only is it a dietary pattern that combines ingredients and local agricultural products with a great local economic value, recipes and cooking methods of each place, shared meals, celebrations and traditions, but it is a way of life which, together with moderate physical exercise, completes a healthy lifestyle. It shouldn’t be forgotten that this pattern is a factor of economic and social development that could be an engine of the social fabric of the Mediterranean countries and the food industry. It is therefore a cultural and socioeconomic vital identity that gives meaning to the Mediterranean.

The project is implemented under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, and is financed, for an amount of EUR 4,49 million, by the European Union through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.

From January 2013 to June 2015, Unioncamere and its 12 partners will organise many events and activities targeting young people, children, consumers, restaurants but also chambers of commerce, business organizations and policy making institutions of Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.

All different paths will lead to one final destination: sign an Euro-Mediterranean Agreement for the promotion and safeguarding of Mediterranean Diet.

““MedDiet. United Nations for an healthy diet””

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