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MedDiet for Schools

MedDiet project has developed and validated an educational training program targeted to pupils of primary and secondary schools: a set of tools dedicated to education on Mediterranean Diet and preservation of traditional food practices addressed to people living in the coastal area of the Mediterranean basin sea.

A Scientific Committee, composed by experts in food and nutrition, education, pedagogy, psychology, anthropology and governmental technicians, from Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt, has designed useful Guidelines and supporting material to spread and strengthen the knowledge about Mediterranean Diet. (On the right side of this section you can download all materials realised)

These tools allow educators, teachers and school directors to implement nutrition education activities in school for promoting the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle and the cultural aspects linked to the act of selecting, preparing and eating food.

Thinking that making experiences is the best way to allow pupils to learn the Mediterranean Diet principles, we have designed and implemented many actions:

  • laboratories of “Mediterranean Diet taste”
  • visits to “didactical factories”
  • creation of “school gardens”
  • “competitions of ideas” on Mediterranean Diet
  • adaptation of school canteens to the Mediterranean diet
  • “5 senses” competitions
  • “Game of the Goose” on Mediterranean Diet

The MedDiet educational training program was validated through 120 pilot projects implemented in primary and secondary schools that have involved almost 5.000 students from Italy, Spain Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia

See below the pictures of the MedDiet events for schools!

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