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MedDiet for Local Institutions

Local authorities may have a key role in order to increase the awareness of consumers, being the nearest institutions to citizens.

At this purpose, MedDiet project has developed and validated a shared Mediterranean Knowledge System of the Mediterranean Diet: a common system of tools for the promotion and safeguard of Mediterranean Diet. The “Mediterranean Diet tool-kit” allows staffs of local authorities to acquire knowledge and competences on how to implement initiatives promoting Mediterranean Diet in their territories. (Visit our Digital Library if you wish to know more about the scientifically proven benefits of Mediterranean Diet.)

With the use of these tools and the contribution of trained promoters from local authorities, 45 pilot projects have already been implemented involving 15.000 consumers. Each pilot project has been developed on one of the following activities, according to the specific needs of each local authority and country:

  • workshops on “MedDiet taste”
  • Cooking courses
  • “competitions of ideas” on Mediterranean Diet
  • Local events

If you are a local authority, help us to promote the Mediterranean Diet!


Publish date 07/05/2015 15:52
Last updated 27/10/2015 09:40