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MedDiet for restaurants

By offering and promoting the authentic Mediterranean Diet, restaurants may have a key role in order to preserve a healthy dietary pattern and its quality, also in terms of nutritional value of food.

At this purpose, MedDiet project has developed and validated a MedDiet Quality Label: a collective label to increase the visibility of the restaurants that support the Mediterranean Diet.

The collective MedDiet Quality Label guarantees the following items:

  • menu with selection of local products
  • menu consists of dishes made with traditional recipes and / or in line with the Mediterranean Diet
  • customer focus
  • share information and awareness on the Mediterranean Diet

The preparation of the collective label regulations and application scheme was realised through the involvement of a Technical Committee, composed by 6 experts, one for each MedDiet country (Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt).

Over 300 restaurants in the Mediterranean Area are now identifiable through the use of the MedDiet Quality Label.

Go to “MedDiet Restaurants App” and find the restaurant nearest you!

If you are a restaurant owner, adopt you too our MedDiet Quality Label!


Publish date 07/05/2015 16:08
Last updated 27/10/2015 09:42