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In order to develop a common system of instruments and tools for the promotion and safeguarding of Mediterranean Dieta addressed to education institutions and local authorities, a Technical Committee was established for defining the shared Mediterranean Diet Knowledge System.

The System includes:

The Pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet
This pyramid is the result of an international consensus and is based on the latest scientific evidence on nutrition and health published in hundreds of scientific articles in the last decades.

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The Digital library of the Mediterranean Diet
This library puts together a series of studies shared by all project partners about the health benefits of the MedDiet. The digital library can be an useful tool for increasing the knowledge of the Mediterranean Diet among students and consumers in general.

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Tool-kit of MedDiet
The tool-kit of the Mediterranean Diet Knowledge System is composed by Guidelines and the supporting material aiming to provide tools to educators, teachers and local authorities involved in promoting the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle in schools and municipal areas.

MedDiet Tools for School 
MedDiet Tools for Local Authorities 




Common schemes and guidelines were established between partners and all instruments are then adapted to each national context of the project. The applied methodology allows to enhance the contribution of contents coming from all six countries, especially from the Southern ones, and to build shared and effective instruments for safeguarding the originality of each country dietary pattern. A Scientific Committee has validated the applied methodologies and the final outputs.

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