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MedDiet Quality Label for Restaurants

In order to promote an authentic Mediterranean Diet offer in restaurants a MedDiet Quality Label has been designed and launched. To this purpose, a Technical Committee (internal and external experts to cover all necessary competences and all project countries) have been established for designing:
  • a shared MedDiet Quality Standard, containing the specifications that restaurants should respect to obtain the Label;
  • the logo and coordinated image of the Quality label;
  • the regulation of the certification system, where rules for auditing and certification are defined and all necessary application instruments are conceived.
The Technical Committee, composed by 6 members, one per each country, and the participants has been chosen by the project partners between persons with knowledge and experience on technical and legislative regulations concerning: trademarks, certification rules, existing technical standards on certification systems, auditing system and “MedDiet food” and food production, in their countries. Common schemes have been established between partners and then the system has been adapted to each national context of the project. A training for trainers activity has been implemented to establish a team of trainers (3 officers for each country belonging to project partners) to acquire knowledge and competences concerning how to promote and apply the MedDiet Quality Label among restaurants.
A Guidelines for the implementation of MedDiet Quality Label in restaurants has been conceived to support restaurant owners and managers to cope with the label. Therefore, the project supports those restaurants interested in offering and promoting the authentic Mediterranean Diet, increasing their market visibility and involving 300 of them in pilot projects geared towards training, assistance, and the promotion of the MedDiet Quality Certification.

“MedDiet. A Quality  Label to recognize those restaurants that offer the authentic Mediterranean Diet”

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