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MedDiet Camp - Cagliari

Press Release September 9th, 2013

Start of the first event of "Mediterranean Diet and enhancement of traditional foodstuff - MedDiet " project funded by the European Union within the framework of ENPI CBC Med 2007-2013 program.

In Cagliari, the first MedDiet Camp: the campus dedicated to Mediterranean Diet

Fifty food bloggers will interact with international chefs on the 28th and 29th of September in Molentargius Park Cagliari, the first of five national events to promote the Mediterranean lifestyle

A training and information campus dedicated to Mediterranean Diet organized at the Molentargius Park, which on the 28th and 29th of September will host 50 food bloggers from all over Italy. Workshops on Mediterranean cuisine held by international chefs from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Italy, photography and writing workshops applied to food and Mediterranean food culture, but also conferences opened to visitors and educational workshops for alumni.
These are the ingredients of " MedDiet Camp" , the first out of five big events related to the project "Mediterranean Diet and enhancement of traditional foodstuff - MedDiet ", funded by the European Union within the framework of the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin 2007-2013 program. With a total budget of around 5 million € and a duration of 30 months, the project aims to promote and enhance the Mediterranean Diet, which was recognized UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010. In addition to Italy, which participates with Unioncamere as leading partner, the Centro Servizi per le Imprese of the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce, the Forum of the Chambers of Commerce of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and the National Olive Oil Town Association as partners, the project involves other 5 Mediterranean countries (Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt and Lebanon).

A series of initiatives targeted to the world of food bloggers and food lovers who are increasingly gaining acknowledgement in quality of opinion leaders of the sector acting as informative multipliers on issues related to proper nutrition and who do represent an opportunity for large-scale communication on values of the Mediterranean Diet .

During the first day, Saturday, September 28th from 8 a.m., MedDiet cooking workshops for food bloggers are planned in order to favor a discussion on cuisine of Mediterranean Diet and traditional Italian, Egyptian, Lebanese and Tunisian dishes held by popular national and international chefs in quality of real artisans of taste and with incursions related to gastronomic culture of the food and wine journalist Carlo Cambi and of the alimentary anthropologist Alessandra Guigoni.
The focus on Italian cuisine will be held by the chef Luigi Pomata originating from Cagliari, owner of the restaurant in Cagliari with his own name and star of the TV program "La Prova del Cuoco" well-known as the “Tuna Chef"; the focus on Tunisian cuisine will be held by the teacher Jaoudet Turki, professional chef and Member of the Committee for Tourism in Tunis; expert of Lebanese cuisine is Georges Kik, chef and owner of "Ratatouille" in Beirut, with whom there will also chef Moustafa M. Elrefaey, owner of the restaurant "Zooba Home Grown" in Cairo which will introduce particpants of workshops to Egyptian cuisine. In mean time, again in Molentargius Park, MedDiet workshops on photography and food-styling for food bloggers will be held by the professional photographer specialized in food Alessandro Guerani. In addition also educational workshops for school alumni and in particular: "Workshops on Mediterranean Diet: culture, nutrition and education" held by the research doctor and expert in anthropology and anthropology of communication Alessandra Guigoni (at  Saline Theatre) and "Workshops on alimentary education" with chef Luigi Pomata in collaboration with the food and wine journalist Carlo Cambi (“Salt Room” – Molentargius Park). At 12.00 p.m. the presentation of MedDiet project and of the European Cooperation Day took place at the “Saline Theatre”. Among the participants of the event Enrico Lupi, president of the National Olive Oil Towns Association and Cristiano Erriu, Director of CSI Cagliari.
On Saturday 28th of September afternoon the “Saline Theatre” will host two interesting workshops: a Lab on creative writing and web communication of the Mediterranean Diet by the food and wine journalist Carlo Cambi (18 hours); in addition an overview on the anthropology of eating and drinking, in view of a journey through the socio-cultural aspects of Mediterranean Diet and nutrition by the teacher Alessandra Guigoni (19 hours). Scheduled for Sunday, 29th of September, however, a to the public opened conference on the issue "Mediterranean Diet and alimentary education through the web: the role of food bloggers", moderated by journalist Carlo Cambi, which will be held in the Council Room of the Cagliari Province building from 10 a.m..

Campania, Liguria, Tuscany and Puglia are the other regions that will host the main events of the project, all with the formula that combines tradition and innovation, with the aim of raising awareness on Mediterranean Diet as an crucial part of lifestyle and food habits in partner countries (with reference to a broader concept of sustainable economic development) and with the objective of raising awareness about the benefits of healthy nutrition especially with regard to children, young people and consumers in general aiming to the prevention of diseases and safeguard of health, but also to encourage know -how among farmers, food producers and restaurants in proposing an authentic Mediterranean Diet brand.

In the occasion of MedDiet Camp the European Cooperation Day by the European Commission will be celebrated which is promoted throughout Europe from September 14th to 28th by INTERACT, the European Commission program that supports the programs funded through the ENPI, including the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Program 2007 - 2013. The aim of the Day is to enhance cooperation projects financed with European funds to show how they contribute to improving the quality of life in Europe and neighbor countries. MedDiet was selected by the ENPI CBC Med Program between all strategic projects funded being MedDiet Camp considered the most suitable event to celebrate the European Cooperation Day inaugurated on September 10th in Strasbourg with an exhibition on cooperation projects at the European Parliament and which will be exhibited in Cagliari during MedDiet Camp.
Natascia Maesi
MedDiet Communication Manager
Associazione Nazionale Città dell’Olio (National Olive Oil Towns Association)
+39 335 1979414 - 338 3423462
natascia.maesi@gmail.com; maesinatascia@gmail.com


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