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Kich off of MedDiet Training in Alexandria

 Kick off of MedDiet Training in Alexandria, 9.Nov 2013

Gen. Tarek El Mahdy, Governor of Alexandria witnessed the launch of the MedDiet Training for school teachers and deans of elementary and secondary schools. MedDiet Project for Mediterranean Diet and Enhancement of Traditional Foodstuff, is an ENPI CBC Project funded by the European Union.
The project aims to promote a healthy diet among school students across the Mediterranean where a dozen of activities and programmes on nutrition will be implemented over the 3 year course of the project with a budget of around 50 mio. Egyptian pounds.
MedDiet project consists of a consortium of partners from the Business Associations, and Chambers of Commerce of Egypt, Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia working on increasing the capacities of schools and local authorities to increase the awareness about the advantages of the Mediterranean diet among children, young people and other groups of consumers.
30 schools participated in the first training which is being continued on the 16th of November in Alexandria.
For more information please contact info@ceeba.org


Publish date 15/11/2013 11:15
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