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Euro-Mediterranean agreement for the promotion and safeguarding of Mediterranean Diet

In order to exchange experiences about policies, measures and initiatives promoted by European national, regional and local authorities with MPC Countries partners, 3 study visits are organized in Europe (Greece, Italy and Spain).
At the end of this activity, every MPC country will have created 2 proposals of shared legal framework for promoting and safeguarding the MedDiet, one at Euro-Mediterranean level and another one at national level with measures in compliance with the specific needs of each MPC country involved.
The results of the workshop are also used for the elaboration of an agreement: the ambition of this project is indeed to create and subscribe an Euro-Mediterranean  Agreement for the Promotion and Safeguarding of Mediterranean Diet, a shared Mediterranean legal framework for the safeguard of traditional products.

“MedDiet. United Nations for the Safeguarding of Mediterranean Diet”

Publish date 15/11/2013 11:31
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