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The Mediterranean Diet Foundation concludes the Mediterranean Diet pilot school projects in the framework of the European MedDiet Project

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation ended last week the implementation of 10 pilot projects at schools of Spanish territory as Catalonia, eligible and strategic Mediterranean region within the European MedDiet project.

During this first year, the project activities focused on the scientific development of a Mediterranean Diet Knowledge System as well as the implementation of various pilot projects aimed at primary and secondary schools, and the teachers and principals of the same centres. Through tasting workshops, Mediterranean meals, activities, exercises and theatre representation, as well as visits to olive oil mills and bakeries the pupils had the opportunity to know better the Mediterranean Diet Style.

The activities of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation in this first phase of the project has benefited a total of 400 students along with 60 teachers and school principals who have had the chance of  participating in these pilot projects. Over 60 Mediterranean Diet Guidelines have been distributed as well as Didactical Support Materials for all the children to introduce the students to the Mediterranean Diet. From the 13th until the 22nd of November the schools destinataires of the pilot projects were ZER Montsià, Rosa Gisbert, Teresa Subirats i Mestre, Josep Roncero, Sant Llorenç de la Galera and Sant Salvador from Tarragona. Then the 25th of November the implementation was at Girona with the School Carme Aughet, followed by the School Projecte in Barcelona the 27th, and Clavé de Lleida and Frederic Godàs from LLeida the 28th and the 29th.

The project “Mediterranean Diet and Enhancement of Traditional Foodstuff - MedDiet”, is financed for an amount of about €4,996,972  by the European Union in the framework of the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.

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