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Food habits of the Egyptians: newly emerging trends

 Nutritionist and Public Health Policy Analyst, and former Director, World Health Organization, Geneva,Switzerland.
898 La Revue de Santé de la  Méditerranée  orientale, Vol. 10, No 6, 2004
Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Vol. 10, No. 6, 898-915, 2004.


Accelerated changes are taking place in the food habits of the present day Egyptians. Examples are drawn from foods that continue to be consumed by those considered guardians of the Egyptian tradition (Coptic Christians and isolated farming communities) and from interpretation of archaeological evidence. Recent decades have witnessed the progressive erosion of the traditional Egyptian diet and the introduction of  new foods and eating habits. Sociocultural and economic changes are accelerating this erosion. The main features of the traditional Egyptian way of eating are presented along with a review of the emerging trends and of some of the important factors underlying food consumption patterns. Attention is drawn to the potential risk to health that these new trends represent, in particular to child nutrition and development.



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