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Gaining recognition for the identity of Mediterranean products

Nutrition and Health Policy in Development, Center for Rural Development Researches and Studies(CRDRS), Cairo University (Egypt ) Former Director  at WH O Geneva

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The following statement presents a practical approach to the treatment of the objectives of the Conference as applied to Egypt.  Some of  the major  issues  that relate to the regional identity and safety of Mediterranean agricultural and agrifood products are  identified and reviewed. This is followed by the presentation of the conditions and technical measures that are needed to deal with the different challenges encountered in the field of Mediterranean food. 
To-date, little information is available in the public arena on agrifood products that claim an Egyptian origin and that are recognized to originate from Egyptian tradition. It is opportune at this point in time for Egypt to join in with its Mediterranean partners and enrich  the list of Mediterranean foods with its age old food heritage and endogenous food processing technologies.
The presentation deals with the subject from a practical aspect that is drawn from the realities of the Egyptian context. The major challenges encountered are identified, and the conditions as well as the technical and other forms of support that a south Mediterranean country like Egypt may require in order to assume an active role in the above are reviewed.

CIHEAM briefing  notes No 28 - 22 June 2007

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