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"MedDiet" rewards students of Andria city

The School Verdi-Cafaro was the winner of the competition dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet in the category "Elementary Schools."

"MedDiet" rewards students of Andria city. The School Verdi-Cafaro of the Puglia’s city was awarded the first prize in the category "Elementary Schools" Competition dedicated to the Mediterranean diet that involved five Italian institutions with a pilot project that has developed nutrition education initiatives aimed at primary and secondary school pupils. The schools have participated to the design of a recipe, a video, a advertise campaign and other creative works dedicated to the products of the Mediterranean diet. The aim of the competition was to reward creativity, innovation and autonomy of the students in carrying out the work, where the winner of the contest was an Internal Evaluation Committee of the National Association of Oil City.

The Councillor for Productive Activities, Benedetto Miscioscia in widely considered satisfied in this important result achieved by a school from Andria, on the subject of nutrition education, states that "the conduct of the pilot projects in the field of nutrition education, aimed at primary and secondary school, is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the National Association of Oil City, which aims to enhance the style of food linked to the exploitation and consumption of the products of our land and became the precursor to a future introduction in schools to train our future generations to a more conscious approach to food. ".

Publish date 16/06/2014 13:22
Last updated 16/06/2014 13:23