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CEEBA organized a training course for local authorities

On Thursday, 28th of May, CEEBA organized a workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture for trainers of the department of awareness and public education, with the objective of strengthening the knowledge about Mediterranean Diet food in local authorities. The workshop also provided the participants with tools and ideas to promote the Mediterranean Diet for the general public. The workshop was held by Dr. Mervat Ahmed Fouad, MedDiet expert at the National Nutrition Institute.


11232286_401440423314043_8111747925482026061_o.jpgDr. Mervat Ahmed Fouad holds a presentation on the Mediterranean Diet to an attentive and interested audience.jpgDr. Mostafa el Bakshwan-Undersecertary of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria at the opening of the workshop. In hisinauguration speech Dr. El Bakhshwan emphasized the ties between agriculture and the Mediterranean Diet.jpgRegistration and distribution of Meddiet bags and guide for local authorities.jpgThe participants were very active, asking questions and sharing experiences. Here, Mr. Alaa el Din Abdou, Senior Expert at the Ministry shares his experiences on harvest festivals..jpg
Publish date 28/05/2015 12:42
Last updated 09/06/2015 12:53