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A more healthy Mediterranean Diet in hospitals

On the 27th of May, the Ministry of Health and CEEBA organized a MedDiet Workshop for the employees and trainers of the Ministry in the frame of MedDiet's strive to include the local authorities to push towards a more healthy Mediterranean Diet in hospitals. Afterwards, a workshop for kids and parents was held in the Anfoushi Hospital. The presentation were held by Dr. Sahar Khairy, the MedDiet expert from the National Nutrition Institute.


Dr Magdy Hegazy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria, with Dr Amira Tahio and Dr Sahar Khairy after the inauguration.jpgDr Sahar Khairy, Dr Amira Tahio, Dr Eman Abdelhamid with the MedDiet Project Assistants and some of the partecipating children.jpgDr. Sahar talking to the youngest age group about the Mediterranean Diet..jpgMawada trying a salad from her MedDiet lunch box.jpgMedDiet Egypt activities in hospitals 1.jpgMedDiet Egypt activities in hospitals.jpgSitting in groups according to age and a MedDiet game of The Mediterranean Goose.jpgThe Mediterranean Goose was very popular with the kids.jpgThe Mediterranean lunch box. At the workshop the usual sweets and chips were not allowed in the room! A healthy, tasty, colorful MedDiet meal was served instead.jpg
Publish date 27/05/2015 12:54
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