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MedDiet Quality Label identifies restaurants which respect the healthy and tasty model of the Mediterranean Diet following these general guidelines:

  1. use of seasonal and local products
  2. menu consists of dishes made with traditional recipes and/orin line with the mediterranean diet
  3. transparency on food information
  4. promotion of the mediterranean diet lifestyle

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"the Mediterranean diet is characterized by a nutritional model that has remained constant over time and space, consisting mainly of olive oil, cereals, fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, a moderate amount of fish, dairy and meat, and many condiments and spices always respecting beliefs of each community."
The Mediterranean Diet, recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity


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The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle that allows you to keep alive the traditions, both cultural and eating well. Many scientific studies clearly demonstrate the health benefits of Mediterranean Diet. Over 300 restaurants in the Mediterranean basin have already obtained the MedDiet Quality Label: they offer the real Mediterranean Diet at its best!



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The traditional Mediterranean Diet can be a motor for sustainable and inclusive economic development in the mediterranean basin. Embrace value of Mediterranean Diet as a unique lifestyle and cultural model by signing the Declaration for Safeguard and Promotion of the Mediterranean Diet! 

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