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The final capitalization event of the project will be held at expo Milan 2015 on 19 september

This event, coordinated by the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), aims to describe the important results achieved by the MedDiet project along its three years of development.
At the Final Capitalization Event after the end of the institutional session - introduced and coordinated by Alaa Ezz, Secretary General and CEO CEEBA FEDCOC – all participants will be asked to sign the Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of Mediterranean diet. This will be followed by a session dedicated to MedDiet Schools with the participation of three school classes who were involved in the project and a  Cooking Show with twelve chefs, two from each participating country.
Six kiosks representing the project countries will be set up in the square of the Bio Mediterranean Cluster. There, you will have the opportunity to taste various interpretations of the principles of the Mediterranean diet by sampling traditional dishes from the partner countries. You can alsolearn about  the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid which summarizes the principles of the MED lifestyle.
Three round tables on the Future of the Mediterranean diet are planned for the second part of the event. The first "MedDiet label for Restaurants - building a network in the region?” will be moderated by Domingo Valiente Llauradó, Secretary General of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation. It will be dedicated to the Chefs, with a special recognition for the 240 already MedDiet Quality Label certified restaurants, which represent permanent institutions for the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet, These restaurants are a point of contact through which you can immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere and cuisine, which  transmits the most authentic meaning of our shared heritage.
The second round table "MedDiet: Promoting the Mediterranean Diet through partners of the Northern and Southern shore" will be moderated by Emanuele Cabras from The Enterprise Promotion Service Centre of the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce with the representatives of the Project Partners, who will discuss best practices, results and potentialfuture cooperation
Finally, the third round table will adress“MedDiet Project works in the Southern Mediterranean – tackling the Challenges and tasks for the Future”, and lead to the final conclusions. This round table will be moderated by Alaa Ezz and will involve Governmental representatives from Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt.


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