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Nutrition Education Initiatives

In order to increase the awareness of consumers, some targeted activities have been held by the action of local authorities. Local authorities have a key role being the nearest institutions to citizens. At this purpose a training for trainers activity has been implemented to allow staffs of local authorities to acquire knowledge and competences concerning how to promote initiatives promoting Mediterranean Diet in their territories (promoters of Mediterranean Diet initiatives in local authorities are trained).
The shared Mediterranean Knowledge System of Mediterranean Diet and its tools have represented the main source for acquiring knowledge and competences during the courses.
Later, by the cooperation of the trained promoters of local authorities, 45 pilot projects have been implemented in local authorities involving 15.000 consumers. According to specific needs of each local authority and of each project country, each pilot project have concerned one of the following activities:
  • MedDiet taste workshops
  • Cooking courses
  • Competition ideas on MedDiet
  • Local events.
The tools included in the Mediterranean Diet tool-kit have been used and distributed to participants during the activities.

“MedDiet. Training for trainers to promote Mediterranean Diet in local authorities"

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