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Meddiet Label For Egyptian Restaurants 23 May - 6 June

May was a very active month for Meddiet in Alexandria with a major capitalization event and numerous activities in cooperation with local authorities. 
On the 23rd of May the Meddiet label for restaurants was launched in Alexandria in a highprofile setting with the attendance of an Egyptian Minister, the head of the EUde-legation, the Vice Governor of Alexandria and high-level representatives of Egypt’s Tourism federation and Egypt’s Chef Association. 
The label was deemed highly interesting and relevant by the target audience from the restaurant and hotel business. 

Subsequently, more than 50 Chefs and 30 restaurants participated in MedDiet’s Label for restaurants workshop in the beginning of June. 
The Ministry of health in Alexandria was quick to embrace Meddiet as an effective project for preventative health care and combatting child obesity. 

As a result, Meddiet cooperated with the ministry in a workshop for ministry employees, doctors, nurses and children at theAnfoushi Pediatric hospital. 
Following the success, more mutual cooperation was plan¬ned and realised in July. From the stand point, that the Mediterranean Diet and a sustainable agriculture go handin hand, the di¬rectorate of Alexandria cooperated with MedDiet on two workshop slast month and Meddiet supported them in the implementation of a farm to fork initiative.

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