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Declaration on MD

Over the course of millennia, the peoples of the Mediterranean have developed alimentary patterns intimately linked with the lands they inhabit. While variations and idiosyncrasies exist in the diverse regions of the sea basin, there is a shared tendency towards a healthy, prudent dietary pattern based on local produce native to the Mediterranean shores.
Much more than simply nutritional values however, the Mediterranean Diet is composed of a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions extending from the landscape to the table. This rich, cultural capital has been passed down from generation to generation since antiquity and comprises assets of intangible value to the entire region.
In recent times, these values and traditions have come under tremendous pressure from increasingly globalised value chains and access to inexpensive, lesser quality food sources.

The traditional Mediterranean Diet can, however, be a motor for sustainable and inclusive economic development in the region. Improved knowledge among consumers of the entire value chain of traditional Mediterranean dietary patterns – from farm to fork – will help promote the interests of local producers, retailers and restaurateurs, while impacting on the health of end-users, as well as assuring the legacy of this valuable cultural capital, resulting in a win-win-win scenario for the regions of the Mediterranean.

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